Saturday, January 22, 2011


The Jimmy Vargas teaser to his music video "Tallulah's Boudoir" from his multi-media DVD installation  "Torchin' at Tallulah's", featuring his forties fetish muse Natassia Minx.
Filmed by Jimmy Vargas and Peter Moore.
(C) St.Syr 2010

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I got to the Hollywood Forever Funeral grounds just as the honey glaze of the Californian twilight set its sweet mist over the San Fernando hills.
The finale of Scarlet Streetwas cranking out the last reel.
The Santa Ana winds slowly stirring its hellious breeze from the south.
The palm fronds waving farewell as my muse aesperated on the light from the projector, flying into her younger 1940's self onto the mausoleum screen. 

(C) JIMMY VARGAS 2005 / 2010
From his Multimedia DVD / E-Book "Torchin at Tallulahs"
Photo: Vargas / Taylor

Monday, January 10, 2011


New Eras demand new Gods and Goddesses
The truncating and appropriation of established Goddess archetypes, like the dionysian (think James Dean), or the Persephonian  (Joan Bennet / Natassia Minx) are canteloeuvred and sculpted by the Hollywood Machinery into modern American deities.
Even the cinema palaces are gilded and created as churches.
The screen is the tabernacle.
One's eyes eat at the holy image host of a Velma Banky, Valentino, or Rita Hayworth.

The fetish of religion icons are also steeped in a ancient worship, as are the vestments of the Pagan Hollywood Goddess.
The religion that we practice here at the Tallulah's Boudoir is a primal one.
Fortease Fetish.
At Tallulah's the double cross of a pair of a Hollywood harlot's heels are ascendant over the crucifix. Miss Natassia's heels are the totem icons of our establishment..
More have knelt to the joyful image of our minx stretching her impossible legs, than other deities who express pain and tribulation..

From his multimedia book / dvd "TORCHIN AT TALLULAHS"
Photo: Vargas / Taylor.