Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Fascist weave of Men's and Women's 1940's fashion.

The fascism of forties politics and war voiced itself in the fetishment of mens and womens clothes.
The pared tencil coutoure of a man's suit for example.
The Pin stripe can be so regarded as a martiallised jail bar, the pegs pleats, razor cut as a Sabre or a rifle fusillade, all promoting a discipline of thought, productivity and process.
Women's attire also bespoke of the same rigidity.
The lingerie particularly.
In fact acting as weapons of mass sexual destruction.
The Girdle, a Maginot line of negotiation,
The brassiere as an warhead
Hosiery, adorning the gam too as a missile.
Its' top circle halo can be so viewed as a ring explosion of that of an atom bomb.
Hosiery itself a sensual invidious  totem, a passageway of death, as a man is lured along its highway, to be eventually succumbed into the billow clouds of a woman's 'underneath'.

Photo by Robert Taylor / Jimmy Vargas, from his 'Torchin at Tallulahs' multi media dvd. 
Out now on Research Publications.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Natassia is also deployed for extra curricular activities of suggestion.
One evening you may find her manipulating the front window of Bullocks with 40's mannequins shilling the Dior in a retrospective hallelujah to the return of the New Look. 

The next night she may well kamikaze the Virgin Megastore, perhaps to resuscitate Sinatra out of the $1.99 bin, gluing the disc inside all the D.J. console players, so the hip jocks have no choice but to capitulate to an 24 hour Salute to Frankie day till they can find replacement players.

(C) JIMMY VARGAS 2005 / 2010
(From the JIMMY VARGAS Book "Torchin at Tallulahs"
Multi media DVD out now on RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS.