Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Lure of the Forties Siren...JIMMY VARGAS & MISS NATASSIA MINX

From that first day I drew breath once more in this gimcrack life, I ached to get back to the under-veil world of Los Angeles 1947, and my past unresolved one.
AS i have successfully done so
One could say I have recreated that world with my Records, Movie installations, E-Books, and forties fetish loops.
But the trick is that I haven't recreated it.
 I've crossed the astral, and caught it on film, voice, shudder and shimmer as it is.

My real home is not the smog sprawl of 2010 L.A., but it's sub-atomic world of gaudy burlesque neon, cracked cribs, and the sordid skid saloons of Fifth and Main. 
The nineteen forties still vibrates in the fifth dimension, humming in the astral vapours of present day Los Angeles, and cat-walking through it all are Divine Strumpets in Balenciaga cocktail dresses, silver fox tail, and sinful black stockings, proclaiming the divine gospel of the femme fatale.
The veil is open to those such as I, who are au fait with the special enochian keys by which we can unlock its arcane tumblers, and  invocate it's damzelles,  
And it was there I found my latest fetish muse Natassia Minx. 
A mannequin and striptease artist, Miss Natassia's gossamer voice masques another.
Hollywood Forties Sirene Joan Bennet.
A distillation of her spirit, gilded in celluloid flesh. 

When one witnesses her latest performance as divining muse in my dvd of 'Torchin' at Tallulahs', one will be bewitched by her insouciant and chilling striptease.

Madame's ecdysiact is in fact the way the sacred satanic art was so designed.
Ethereal, intangible, melancholic and laced in saucy sophistication, with a hermetical heat that as she divests her garments, raises not only lust, but a cleaving in the soul of the viewer.

Why am I always drawn by the lure of the Forties Siren as Miss Natassia Minx?
Because she is the metaphysicalisation of the striptease.
And since the striptease is one of the tenets of my diabolic religion and faith, it is only fitting that I enplace an elegant stripteuse as Miss Natassia as its' muse and goddess, and empress of my own church
But Miss Natassia is more
She is a beautiful death, that I not only conquer, but have as my escort, a wife of the veils, who is always there.
She never seeks earthly gain, just the seed of it's worship.
Thus I huckster her image, like a peddler of the narcotic sinthesia of the holy black hosiery.
To keep her and my ghost world alive 
That others may fall addicted at her heels.
And she forever lives on the forties veil, dining on the orgasm of her flesh lovers adoration.

(C) JIMMY VARGAS 2005 / 2010
(From the Jimmy Vargas Book "Torchin at Tallulahs")
(Multi-media DVD out now on RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS)

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