Sunday, March 27, 2011


Psycho swangin’ through charity dump stores and flea joints for my  be-warped fix of bop 78’s and Hollywood fetish and cheese- cake pulps: Cabaret, Black Stocking, Wink and Whisper, snappin' em up all for a quarter each.

Creched tween the pages of ‘Black Stocking’ was a holy Voto of my Shadow Bride, in forties serge hard chic, a holy harlot in a temple brothel. The Virgin Mary a melancholic blue seraphim behind her.
  My Bride’s fingers loeuvering open a red velvet veil,
  slashed in a vaginal curse. 
Three flamed black candles smoked before her,
 bowing to her dark majesty, her chapeaux veiled with
  three holy rings on its’ peak declaring the Gnostic trinity of the tease the torch and the noir. 

I crested it in my zoot pocket above my heart line as a talisman.On the way out, I scooped up for an extra dollar a Zippo lighter that yielded tricks in its flint.

The Zippo was a gun, a salute, a connexion to a ritual, my torch as I stumbled thru those first three decades in spirit dyslexia.

And when I flicked my torch, that Shadow Bride, ushered forth, shimmerin’ cobra-hipped on its ether 
 fragrance of lily of the valley perfume and cordite. 

© JIMMY VARGAS 2000 / 2011
From his multimedia dvd / E-Book “MY SHADOW BRIDE
Release date April 21 2011
Photo: Czerny / Vargas

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