Saturday, November 6, 2010


The terpsichorean muse, who assists me in the day to day affairs of TALLULAHS inc, is the very divine Miss Natassia "Minx".
In her former American incarnation she was feted as Joan 'Kitty' Bennet
Joanie was a celebrated Hollywood soubrette herself, who had once strutted and slinked the Scarlet Streets of Los Angeles during it's gilt epoch, and as a result of exercising her free libidinous nature beyond the leer of the lens, tragically endured a righteous basting by the Hollywood machine that pimped her as such, and she was inevitably served up as a Sancta-Martyr-Harlot to low Pentecostal America and the Hearst tabloids that bayed blood and brought about her very public broiling.
Joan / Natassia's spirit has neither weathered nor withered however, but beams beatific as a glorious icon of forties fetish.
Because of Miss Natassia Minx's unique pedigree of glamour and noir as exercised in both private and public life, (for instance her ‘hosierotique’ domination of onscreen Romeos such as Warner Brother's Edward G. Robinson, and her very public cuckoldry of Husband / Director Walter Wanger,) she has earned the highest berth in my Tallulah’s Boudoir corporation, as the patroness of Hollywood Mannequins and Den Mother of all the showgirls we have here in our cabal.
Pictured in traditional gold sepia is my muse in her original incarnation as Joan Bennett out at the Academy Award 1941 with producer / husband / cuckold bait /  Walter Wanger.
And the second sepia blue pix of her as Natassia Minx in Astral form. Pixed by myself with a 1946 Capotromantic camera.
Oh yes, you may note that the treasured chinchilla coat she bears on her alba shoulders goes everywhere with her. It was a staple of her wardrobe in both her former flesh life and now in her new Ghostess incarnation as she haunts across the Hollywood death veil.

© JIMMY VARGAS 2005 / 2010
Excerpt from his Book “TORCHIN AT TALLULAHS”
Available as an E-Book on his multi media dvd “TALLULAHS”

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